Saturday, April 12, 2014

stop the favoritism

with exo continuing to flourish, there is no deny that the fandom is getting huger and huger and huger than ever. however, we all know there are not much of true fans, as immature fans and biased fans incessantly integrating into the fandom. it is disheartening to witness certain fans merely concern about their bias or worse yet, talk shit about the other members just to put their bias up.

and with exo being split up,  it is evident fans are more likely to focus on exo k rather than exo m. while exo m will promote the chinese version, it is understandable as to why people tend to root for exo k more because, of course kpop fans like kpop, by all means anything that is korean-based. they are here to support kpop, or korean pop. oh did you by any chance see exo k's teaser's number of comments compared to exo m? they're vastly different.

this is why i despise the idea of exo separating. at least when they are together, fans would support the whole group instead of "paying attention to either one (subgroup)". at least exo gets paid full attention by the fans regardless of who their biases are.

sm is probably sick of me showing up at their notifications, primarily on twitter, clamoring to put exo as twelve again. i am noted that this is the only way for each member to shine, to stand out and to flaunt their abilities. i really hate to see the underrated member(s) get overshadowed by the popular members. i actually expected this coming but didn't know it would be this time around. i'm not ready ;-;